Skip Delivery Guidelines

  • The customer must ensure that the skip is going on private property with the permission of the landowner. Skips will not be placed on public property without a valid permit from the relevant council.
  • Skips will not be sited on grassed areas where the vehicle has to drive across or place legs onto a grass area. ABSS vehicles will not place legs onto council land and footpaths other than the highway.
  • ABSS will take no responsibility for any damage to a customer’s premises or manholes if the ground or site is not suitable for a HGV or capable of carrying the weight of a HGV vehicle.
  • If your drive is made from any of the following
    1. soft tarmac
    2. Loose Stone
    3. Block Drive
    4. Grass
  • Then we request that you put wooden planks down so that the skip does NOT damage the area. When delivering the skip, we will place the skip on the wooden planks provided by yourselves, should you (the customer) require our skips to be dropped onto a surface that is likely to become damaged.
  • ABSS vehicles will not access over a raised kerb and our drivers will not deliver skips where we are required to lift over walls, fences or any other obstacle, no matter how high. A written disclaimer will be required, should you (the customer) require our skips to be lifted over any obstacle that is likely to become damaged.
  • Unless previously agreed our skip hire policy is for 10 days only. We reserve the right to apply a rental charge on slow moving skips.
  • The customer is responsible for the safekeeping of the skip and its contents.
  • All ABSS skips are manufactured from steel components. Skip doors are often large and heavy. Caution should be taken at own risk. .
  • Waiting time charges may apply after 15 minutes from time of arrival. Wasted journey charges may also apply.
  • Please ensure there is enough space for access purposes. A typical delivery vehicle will require a clearance of 2.9m wide. Although, smaller trucks can be arranged if necessary.
  • If you have not signed to acknowledge agreement of the delivery guidelines as soon as you put anything into the skip this is the equivalent of a signature.



Overloading incurs a possible removal/refusal or extra charge

(See back of invoice)

Please do not put any hazardous items in the skip as it will result in a £80 charge!!

(See back of invoice for list)

*************NO PLASTERBOARD*************


Please call for collection if finished with sooner

please do not overload, it is very dangerous